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10 December 2018
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Ezacs - More Information

Our Easy Accounting System is available to you (providing you have internet access) 24/7 wherever you are situated (for example if you need to send out urgent invoice on a Sunday afternoon whilst sunbathing in Barbados).

Ezacs is designed to enable you (contractor, sole trader, small company for example) to look after your own day to day business needs with email/telephone/website support from us, e.g., check your VAT return before you submit it to HMRC. We are happy to do the day to day stuff for you; but bear in mind that this will cost you more.

Here is a list of what Ezacs can do and the additional services we can provide.

Quotes - prepare professional quotes with your own personalised letterhead including logo.

Invoices - prepare invoices in any currency that will also meet all of the VAT rules (if VAT registered).

Expenses - record your expenses so that you have a running record/total of expenses incurred during the year.

Cashbook - this is the most important tool for any business. It will keep a running record/total of all your invoices and expenses that have been paid so that you can keep control of your cashflow.

Payroll - if you have employees or are an employee of your own company, then you need to account for National Insurance and PAYE income tax. This simple but accurate facility allows you to run payroll when required.

VAT - if you/your business is VAT registered, then this facility will give you the figures required to submit to HMRC.

Profit and Loss - your profit and loss account is updated every time you enter an income or expense transaction.

Dividends - this is an important facility for companies. Ezacs has an easy dividend recording facility that will produce all the necessary documentation.

Important Documents - you can store online copies of your important documents such as your company certificate of Incorporation and VAT certificate.

Additional services we can provide are as follows:

New Company - establish a new company for you and assist you with registering it for VAT.

Company Statutory Accounts - produce the necessary statutory accounts required for submission to Companies House and to HMRC with your company corporation tax return.

Personal Tax Returns - assist you with your personal self-assessment tax return.

Company Corporation Tax Returns - Prepare the necessary returns required by HMRC.

VAT - assist you in deciding which method of VAT accounting (cash, accruals or flat rate) is best for you and/or your company.

Other Company Statutory Returns - assist you with other statutory company returns such as the compulsory annual return, new/change of Directors return etc.

IR35 - undertake the necessary "deemed schedule E" calculation, if you ‘fail’ the IR35 requirement.


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